Question to Linksys SPA-941 users


I’m in the process of choosing an IP hardphone for my asterisk test setup.

I’ve read good reviews and comments on the SPA-941.

However, after reading all the documentation I could find, some points are still unclear:

The vertical service codes are * codes that are understood by the phone itself, not sent to asterisk. Am I right?

Also, some tutorials recommend emptying them all in the config. Does it mean that functions like xfer, blind xfer, parking, … will not work anymore?

This phone has a menu system accessible with softkeys. There are softkeys for transfer, conference, call forward and so on… Do they work with asterisk or will I have to enter my feature codes manually?

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Hi there,

The linksys 941 (and the 921) is web-configurable and you can disable the “" codes in the “regional” settings tab. Just “erase” all the asterisk codes, and the phone will “not” intercept anything you dial with "” in the front.

We have many Linksys on our asterisk installed PBX, and all of them are working with the asterisk codes supplied on the PBX.

NOTE: In the phone interface, you can use the “XFER” and “DND” functions provided with the phone if you don’t want to “dial” the “*” codes for vertical services.

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Thanks for your quick reply,

Correct me if I’m wrong: according to the manual, if I erase the * code for DND (for example), I won’t have the soft key for DND in the interface anymore. Or will it simply make it so that the *code is not intercepted by the phone and sent to asterisk?

One more question: From what I read, most of the features are handles by the phone itself: For example the 3 way call: the telephone is bridging the calls, not asterisk. Or is it configurable ?



Hi there again,

Nope… if you do erase the “asterisk codes”, the functions will not be disabled. You are just “not letting” the phone to intercept the “*” codes.

If you want to also disable at all the function on the phone, in the same tab you can disable any functions you want to. Erasing the “*” code will only disable the “code” interception on the phone not the real function on the phone display.

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Thanks again for the reply,

I think now I’m gonna buy this phone and experiment by myself.

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