Question regarding PJSIP OPTIONS when other end replies with a 500 or 503

We have several sites where we configure Asterisk aors with authenticate_qualify.
When their switches and carriers reply with a 500 or 503, they do not want us to send them any calls.
They may fix their issue and send us calls before the next OPTIONS message replies with a 200 OK.

We use AMI to monitor for ContactStatus, DeviceStatus, and PeerStatus changes happen.
Is there some event we should be receiving when the OPTIONS is failing with 500/503/etc?

From what I am being told, if the cable is pulled and there is no reply to the OPTIONS message, we are receiving an event indicating it’s down.

Any thoughts or tips?


No, there is no event. Qualify pays no attention to the SIP response. It merely wants ANY response for a reachability check.


Thank you Joshua.

If we were to pursue modifying Asterisk code for the 500/503 (and probably some others) to know when it is being rejected, would you suggest creating an additional AMI event for details like this?

Only asking because my boss and others will ask how difficult it would be for us to modify Asterisk for this support.


Probably not, if the remote side is unavailable from the perspective of sending calls in that case then it should be unavailable. For something that is actually able to be accepted into the tree it would need to be configurable and default to off.

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Thank you Joshua.

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