Pjsip subscribe returns 500

when sending a subscribe without Authorization parameter asterisk returns 500

is see 2 differences 1 is the authorization
2. is the accept type
Accept: application/dialog-info+xml good
Accept: application/simple-massage-summary bad
using yealink phone

any help would be appreciate

The non-working one is trying to subscribe for MWI. If the AOR is not configured for it or it’s not subscribing to the AOR, then it won’t work and a 500 will be sent back.

interesting mwi works ok

Then you are most likely using unsolicited MWI, which sends the NOTIFY without requiring a subscription.

nomailbox end up with 404 not a 500

interesting for chan_sip there is no error also the newer version from yealink it is fix on chan_pjsip (i think 85 and above )

The chan_sip module behaves differently, and is configured differently, and is more forgiving.

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