Question from a newbie

Dear All,

I am looking to setup an asterisk system at my current place of work. I have minimal (but some) previous experience with the system.

The question I have to ask of you most probably has a very easy answer… Can you have a pure IP asterisk or other VOIP system (i.e. no analogue PSTN or digital ISDN lines)?

My plan, if it is possible, would be to have a dedicated SDSL connection or leased line internet gateway just for the phone system. The question is obviously, can you puschase a block of numbers from a company (not necessarily BT) and have them routed via asterisk to various internal extension numbers, purely over the internet.

If this is possible, a finger pointing in the right direction would be very greatly appreciated!

Thanks all

Yes this is possible list of Voip Providers for numbers is here … 20Business

Thanks Rusty,

I’ll see if I can find out more from the link you provided.

Thanks again