Brand New to Asterisk, help me and feel good about yourself

Okay everyone, first my apologies for not knowing much of anything, and if this topic has been covered a hundred thousand times, and I haven’t found it yet.

I need a real basic overview of VoIP and then from there I need to be able to ask more detailed questions. Here we go

1. How do people who are on POTS lines get to my VoIP system?

2. Can my current phone number through Qwest be moved in such a way it goes to my VoIP system? I know the FCC requires my phone company to do this with “Interconnected VoIP” providers, but who qualifies? Can I be an "Interconnected VoIP provider?

3. What service should I use to get my VoIP calls onto the POTS or other phone systems?

Thanks for the help, and your time

You pay a service provider to do those functions for you. They translate from VOIP to PSTN and back and they can handle the number portability if they are equipeed to do that (not all are).

The other option is to buy an analog or digital card for your system and pay for phone service.

Either way you will end up paying to connect to the PSTN.

First thanks for the reply.

Second, are you aware or anyone else of the VoIP companies that are willing to take care of number portability. Do I have to go Vonage where they want to send me their own hardware or can I go with someone like GRNVOIP where I just buy the minutes? My guess is the cheaper the cost, the less they are likely to help, but I have no real idea to be honest. Do I just have to go website to website and ask them if they handle such things?

Third, I know I double posted this topic and I would love it if one of the moderaters would delete the other one that has no replies to cut down on the confusion for people to come later, or tell me how I can delete it myself.

Thanks again,