High Quality VOIP to PSTN Provider

I started running Asterisk a few weeks ago and finally have things going in the right direction. I’ve subscribed to a VOIP-PSTN service but the calls have loads of static noise on them.

Can anyone please recommend a high quality provider that can furnish a toll-free 8** number and get rid of the static ridden noisy line…oh yes, they can’t charge $39 a month otherwise I’ll just stay with Bell South.


I have two 8xx numbers with them. Quality is great and price is cheap. MRC is $2.00/mo. and costs $0.02 per min.

They also offer DID’s if you want them. Not sure what the cost is off hand but their website has all their rates.

If you’re new to asterisk, they also provide you with all the code you need so you can just copy/paste into your sip.conf file.

I use myphonecompany.com. They are a bit expensive (I believe $3.00 for toll free and $0.03 a min.) However thier call quality is great. They peer directly with L3. They have been around for a while. I have them for over a year. Had once a minor issue that was resolved right away.


Click on register at the bottom and you can begin making “in” network
calls for free. To make regular calls, just deposit money into your portal account and you will instantly be able to make calls… typical rates, very good quality. :smile: