PSTN gateway in Shanghai, China

Hi all,

I’m implementing an Asterisk PBX into a new office we are opening in Shanghai, China that will host 10 users.

I have no idea WHO I should use for a phone service company, WHAT type of connectivity I should use or WHAT gateway I should use. It is extremely hard to find any information online so I’m hoping someone here can help me. It’s also made difficult I am unable to speak Chinese and my staff that can have zero technical skills to understand what I am trying to achieve.

I find it amazing there are no SIP trunk providers in China because the government are freaking out about control.

Has anyone here implemented a solution of this scale, that works effectively and is reasonably priced?
Should I use PSTN/POTS, ISDN or SIP Trunks (if someone can point out where to find em)?

What gateway device would you use? One that just WORKS with Caller-ID etc, i’ve been through nightmares trying to configure these in other countries.

Many thanks