I have been tasked with using asterisk@home to route calls from the PSTN(UK) to a OtherCountry

I currently have the following setup:

In the UK --> asterisk@home with TDM400P/1x FXO module

In the OtherCountry --> asterisk@home

I have multiple SIP phones connected and registered on both asterisk servers and can make calls between both countries using IAX2 trunks to connect the two servers. This works fine!

My problem is that I have to route calls coming in from the PSTN(UK) to a queue on the server in OtherCountry. So far I can get the calls to the OtherCountry but they don’t get routed to any destination and the server hangs up the call after approx. 10 seconds despite having tried several inbound routing methods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Have you looked at this±+dual+servers