Proxy Server


I plan to use Proxy as Proxy Server. I have few questions.

1 - What is the difference beetween Asterix and other Proxy Server like WellSIP 6550 ( … f3968.html)

The prices of Cisco, Welltech, etc. are beetween 32 000$ to 72 000$. Asterix is completely free. There should be something. What function these proxy server can support and the asterix one can’t

2 - I have to buy the server (hardware) on which i will install Asterix. What are the parameters that i should consider to be able to select a server that could support my need.

I plan to be able to support the following number of minutes in the different step of the project.

Phase 1 : 10 000 min per day
Phase 2 : 100 000 min per day
Phase 3 : 1000 000 min per day
Phase 4 : 10 000 000 min per day
Phase 5 : 100 000 000 min per day

3 - Could you suggest the best architecture, equipment?

The difference is that Asterisk is NOT a proxy server. (I don’t know if the other products are.)

In terms of back to back user agents, Asterisk is configured at a rather low level. If you want the full flexibility that this provides, you need to budget for the time you will need to train yourself, or the consultancy fees for setting it up.