Provisioning Grandstream

Hello , I installed asterisk 13 and want to set up provisions for Grandstream phones. When I reload the users.conf file (config users.conf recharge) the asterisk display the message :

Module ' pbx_config ' reloaded successfully . Module ' app_voicemail ' reloaded successfully . None of these module ' chan_sip ' Module ' res_phoneprov ' reloaded successfully .

  • All modules are loaded.

  • openssl installed

  • on menuselect chan_sip show this way:

    [*] chan_sip res_crypto(M), res_http_websocket(M)
    I can’t find res_http_websocket

  • run the command “sip notify gsreboot 1111” and say: “Could not create address for ‘1111’”

Help me, please

If you do a ‘sip show peers’ do you see the peers you are creating in users.conf?

Yes, show up…