Protocols supported by asterisk?

Hi all,

I have to connect a HiPath ProCenter server to asterisk.

First of all, is this going to work? I mean, can I use asterisk instead of HiPath 4000 for my tests?

And, does asterisk support CSTA?

thank you all in advance!

The Asterisk Manager API and AGI interfaces are proprietary and are not based on CSTA, so the answer is no. Having said this, a proxy could be written to extend these into a CSTA compliant interface.

As for connecting, how do you plan to connect? Asterisk may use TDM (via a Digium or similar card), H.323, SIP, etc. Depends on the Hicom you have in place and what facilities it has in place.

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And now at the brink of 2008 ? Does the situation has evolved ?

Is there a way to do CSTA with Asterisk ?

I’m currently developping a CSTA application and I would like to check it against a free CSTA implementation, not only the proprietary one I actually old.

Thanks in advance !

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