Asterisk to Cisco callmanager interoperability?

I have a Cisco callmanager cluster (currently on 3.2.3 going to 4.1.2) that is running SCCP to the phones and H.323 to the Cisco IOS PRI gateways. I want to add SIP gateway functionality. Has anyone used Asterisk to function as a H.323 to SIP gateway? I’d like to add some SIP providers for inbound/outbound calls and allow remote SIP users to connect t the existing system.

Err, I’ve never used H.323 on asterisk, but the SIP between CallManager (I’m using 5.0.4) and asterisk seems to work great. I’m currently using asterisk as a voicemail system for my Cisco CallManager users.

Asterisk pre-1.4 installation works perfectly with CCM-4.1.2 over H.323. I just added Asterisk as a gateway to CCM - and it rocks!