Proper Codec for android application

Hello everyone,

After doing a lot of reading and not finding the right solution I decided to see if one of you guys has experience with my situation. I’m currently overseeing the development of a mobile application (currently only for android) a portion of which uses asterisk to place and receive calls. The calls are from app to app. So android only. However the call quality on newer versions of android devices (10,9) is very poor. The volume is very low (maybe 25% of what a regular call sounds like) and there is minor popping sound.

After doing some research I’ve narrowed the problem down to using the incorrect codec, however all the codecs my developers have tried so far haven’t worked. Does anyone here know what codecs work best for android phone when talking about app to app calls? Can there be other factors causing consistent problems on newer versions of android only? Thanks in advance!

What codecs have you tried so far?

Any codecs should work here but I would prefer to use Opus here which offers better sound quality.

Regular phone call use G 711 codec , G722 provide a better call quality but more bandwith needed, also beside Codec issue, have you try the to monitor the system load on this new version of Android, when using you app?

The G 711 ulaw Is actually the latest one they tried. Do you have any idea why there would be very low call volume using this codec? There’s nothing out of the ordinary from what I’ve seen as far as system load goes.

I think would be needed analyze the RTP streams and see if there is any discrepeancy on a working call with the one having audio issues, both using same codec

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