Propagate MWI from VM server to store asterisk servers

I have used the procedure outlined here : … cross.html

to create the msgxxxxx.txt files required for asterisk to light the MWI light on the phone. The procedure outlined above needed some minor modifications to work, as I am using Asterisk 11.6/11.2, and it seems to be fully functional with one exception.

The file appear on the store asterisk boxes as they should, but the MWI still does not light up automatically. If I do a ‘/etc/init.d/asterisk reload’ or even a core restart, then the light is triggered. I have tested and verified this functionality with 2 phones, a Cisco SPA525G and a Grandstream GXP2140.

Also, once the MWI is on, and I remove the files, the light does not go out on it’s own. Again, an asterisk reload or restart will update the MWI to the correct current state.

I feel I am missing something simple yet fundamental to make this work. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Answering my own question here as I finally found a solution

In the voicemail configuration file (voicemail.conf) I added under the general section:


and it seems you can also change the polling frequency with:

pollfreq=xx (seconds)