Asterisk MWI question

Version: Asterisk

I have one user who likes to turn his phone off over night. If this user is left a voice mail while his phone is off then the message waiting indicator on the phone does not work once the phone is powered back on.

MWI works fine for all other users in the office.

According to this user our previous phone system would turn the message waiting indicator on after powering up the phone in the morning if he had a waiting voice mail. The previous phone system was based on Asterisk

Is this just the way Asterisk works, has something changed or is this user talking out of his ass?

If it is related to a change in Asterisk is there a way to restore the previous functionality?

You can add the following to the [general] section of your voicemail.conf

pollmailboxes = yes pollfreq = 20

Of course you can set your pollfreq to whatever number of seconds you desire.

I could be mistaken but I don’t believe that will correct the issue.

That causes asterisk to poll its directories for new files in the voice mail folders. Which allows you to add messages to the voicemail area through other means than asterisk. If it finds that there are some, it will send the event to the phone to turn on the message waiting light. If there are no new messages, obviously it should not send an event.

His light is out because he turned the phone off, once a new voicemail arrives it will be told to turn on the light. The phone needs to be told when coming back online that it has voicemails…

I am running a version and have an issue were sometimes the voicemail notification event are not being sent to the phone. The pollmailboxes=yes option did nothing for me. So I end up writing a little script to cheat. It scans the voicemail folders and if there are any voicemails it will create a dummy entry, causing asterisk to issue a mwi event, then I delete the dummy entry. Set it up on a cron job for every 5 minutes.


cd /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default
for dir in `ls`; do
echo $dir
cd $dir
if [ -e ./INBOX/msg0000.txt ]; then
  echo "have file";
  echo x > msg9999.txt
  sleep 3
  rm msg9999.txt
cd ..

Hi all

I have the same problem

A solution is to configure the sip phone to send a subscribe message ( just after the SIP REGISTER)

But it is possible to configure asterisk to send a SIP Notify as soon as it receive a SIP register from a sip phone ?