Programmatic call transfer (blind and atended)

Hi all,

I am required to implement both blind and attended call transfer by using Java code. Scenario is as follows: A calls B… On the screen B can see there is a call from A and by clicking the transfer key, he should be able to transfer the call to C…(blind transfer)

I am using asteriks-java V0.3.1 to write interfaces to Asteriks, like adding new extensions, follow mes and other features. Until now I can trigger actions, execute CLI commands etc. I mean I am a bit get used to working with asterisk.

According to the scenario above I can catch call events and say that there is a call from A. However I couldn’t find a way to transfer the call by clicking a button, while ringing either blindly or attended. I have checked CLI commands, couldn’t find a command for this. I have also seen a Redirect action on Asterisk Manager Interface but I couldn’t manage to have it worked…

Anybody has any opinion, any solution to this?

P.S: I can make call transfers by pressing ## from my soft phone successfully.