Program Attended Tansfer and blind transfer

Sorry about my english.
Good morning, can you do me a favor, give me an example of how the blind transfer and attended transfer program works added in version 17 of asterisk.

Thank you so much.

It works magically. Just transfer.

Other than that, it depends on the settings of the SIP phone. Normally you can configure the desired behavior on the phone’s web page. In case there is no transfer button, one could use DTMF signalling, but I haven’t seen a phone in recent years where this was necessary.

I explained badly.
I was referring to an example of the blind transfer configuration, I don’t know if it is possible to configure it without adding tT on the dial.


Please visit this link… it is helpful for you

I need help about attended transfer in the application map option in features.conf and extension.conf, pressing the DMF does not perform the function.

As you seem to be using features transfers, you must enable at least the one of t or T that corresponds to the direction from which the feature code is being received. If you used native SIP transfers, I don’t think this is necessary.

What does the DTMF log show when you enable it? (If it doesn’t show the DTMF, what is the dtmfmode, does the peer support that, and, if in band, what is the codec?

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