Problems with Incoming Calling Rule and "+" sign

Asterisk I can not match Incoming calls with a pattern _+XXX. This is works in Asterisk 1.4.22.

Is this a feature or do I have something wrong in my config?

I don’t know if the “+” is a usable char in the context you’re attempting to use it. Nor can I find any documentation on it’s use, the way you have written it. Care to elaborate on what you are attempting to achieve?

I am receiving calls from SIP trunk and my SIP trunk provider sends the numbers in format +35891234567 where + is an internation extension (which can be replaced with two zeros in Finland), 358 is Finnish country code, 9 is area code for Helsinki and so on. My actual match pattern is _+358912345. and I then use the last two numbers as local extension (EXTEN:-2). I have used last fridays asterisk-gui 2.0 svn version to generate the config.

exten = _+358912345.,1,Goto(default|${EXTEN:-2}|1)

If I am using asterisk 1.4.22 I can use _+35891234567 or _+358912345. or _+X. or _+. for pattern matching and I can match incoming calls to a local extension without a problem.