Newbie incoming calling rules question

Hi There,

I have setup an asterisk server 1.4.27. With that i have a sip accout with 4 channels and 4 telephone numbers.
Every is working like incomming calls and out going as well.

But incomming only works if i have this in extensions.conf exten = s,1,Goto(ringroups-custum-1|s|1) so catch all
If i change s into _X. i get a busy tone when i dail the incomming number my understanding is that _X. is also catch all.

the thing is we use 3 numbers for ex xxxxxxxx70, xxxxxxxx71, xxxxxxxx72 the 70 and 71 number should go to extension 100 and 101 and numer 72 needs to go to extension 200.

what can i do to get this working as the incoming calling rule only works with s(catch all).

regards Marcel

_X. will only catch numbers that have at least one initial digit.

s is used when no number is supplied.

It sounds to me as though your SIP supplier has not provided direct inwards dialing on the trunk.

sip set debug on output, or other traces of the SIP dialogue, would be necessary, to be sure.

thanks found it the sip provider did not send any numbers with.
Called them to put that on and problem solved.

thanks again :smiley: