Two * servers, IAX2 and playback issues

Hey all, I’m sure this is a trivial issue. I have two asterisk servers which are connected via iax2, each have SIP clients attached to them. So far, so good. The clients from one server can dial clients on the other, no problems. The problem arises when users on server A try to leave messages for users on server B. The console shows that it tried to play back the unavailable sound and it stops ( not hangs, because when the call is hung up the server cleans up properly ). Server B is new; this has never worked. Server A is an older 1.2 installation, and Server B is a new 1.6 installation.

I get the impression this is a timing issue. My somewhat dusty memories are telling me that iax2 needs a timing source for this kind of stuff, and in the past that would have meant ztdummy. But now a days, I have no idea how timing is handled anymore. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

k, ya, timing source done loaded ( ).

Users on server B can hear sound playback fine, but any traffic flowing across the iax2 channel won’t accept the playback.

Most strange. Anybody have any ideas?

Turned out to be a version issue; downloaded the latest svn, works fine now.

Who knows.