Problem with Voicemail WITH virtual phone number

I’ve declared a Sip trunk : in french ( for instance )


My voicemail message is in french

Now, I took the service of a VirtualPhone number provider…, that I connect via the syntax :

My dial plan
exten => 12121212,1,dial(sip/330,5,r)
exten => 12121212,n,background(vm-nobodyavail)
exten => 12121212,n,voicemail(330@default)

when a make a phone call on 12121212 , the phone 330 is ringing, but the voicemail is in English ???
if I make a phone call on 330, the phone is ringing, but the Voicemail is in french ???

Any idea, why I’m loosing the french language ???



The 330 device language declaration applies to calls that device makes.

For some other device calling that extension, it has no such declaration; though you could use the CHANNEL function to change that: … on_CHANNEL

Thank you !!
That works out