Problem with vnc and putty

Hello to all.

I have a great proble in one machine (in the others all works fine) when I connect with the machine remotely by vnc or putty and i start the asterisk, when i close the putty sesion or the vnc sesion, the asterisk service closes.

Any ideas of wht is happening?

Thank you

Maybe there is not a startup script for asterisk in that machine so when you close the session the asterisk crashes. in the asterisk source directory there is one called contrib in wich you can find a script to safely and backgronu run asterisk for different platform.

take a look.


I agree with the above, it sounds like you are starting asterisk with it attached to your current session.

Depending on your linux flavor, take a look in /etc/init.d for asterisk. Start aster isk with /etc/init.d/asterisk start

If you don’t have the init script you might be able to do a nohup asterisk -cnn

If your box has nohup that should keep it alive after the session terminates.

Thank you to both for your help. I will try the solutions next monday.

I have had the same issue with putty. Try using secure CRT or what others have posted above.