Problem with the Outbound call

I have a problem in asterisk TDM400p in making outbound calls. I can able to make the outbound call only once and every thing works fine for the first time. When i try to make the call again it does not work. I have to restart the asterisk server in order to make a outbound call again. what should be the problem? Inbound calls have no issues. Please do anyone help me to get rid of this.

Which make of TDM card is this? If it is a Digium one, DIgium’s commercial support is probably available to you.

You probably have the wrong signalling type configured, but without knowing your network operator, it will be difficult for anyone to say which is the correct one. Asterisk is probably waiting for an indication that the circuit has been released by the called party.

Appropriate trace output is always useful, as well as the relevant chan_dahdi.conf parameters.

Open source support questions should be on Asterisk Support.

Hi. kumarkmmca.

Be sure you have something like this in your dialplan;

Check very carefull, the w in this command, make the difference!

Please, let me know if it fix your issue.

w is not needed if the first call of the day works.

(It causes a pause, which may be necessary if the line doesn’t present dial tone quickly enough.)