Problem With Presence State of the Queue Agents

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post and I really want to say thanks to everyone for coming together and helping each other.

I have a problem with queues with presence state of the agents in asterisk 15.6.2 and 13.23.1. Whenever an agent puts a caller on hold for long duration ( I have found out that above 15 minutes) agents presence state gets changed from Hold to Not In Use in queue show.
I have also personally found out that the moment agent puts call on hold he start to get another call even though ringinuse is set no.

I am using freepbx but I am using realtime queues and realtime sip peers in MySQL. This is the only problem I am facing.

is there anyone can help me?

Is it happening at exactly the same time every time (or close to)? Or for example does it sometimes happen at 15 min, then other times 20 minutes?

I would suggest increasing the Asterisk debug logging level and seeing if anything with regards to device state change shows up that might point you in a direction.

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