Problem with musiconhold. No errors, no warnings, no play

Hi, first sorry for my bad english. I have a Centos with asterisk and E1 with Digium te410p. It’s Ok.
My version of asterisk is:
Asterisk Version 1.2.13
Zaptel Version 1.2.11
Libpri Version 1.2.4
Addons Version 1.2.5
Sounds Version 1.2.1

I installed mpg123 too.

I installed it correctly without errors but i dont have music on hold. My musiconhlod.conf is:


When a call is on music on hold my cli shows this:

– Goto (voip-h323,530,1)
– Executing Answer(“SIP/500-984240d0”, “”) in new stack
– Executing MusicOnHold(“SIP/500-984240d0”, “”) in new stack
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘SIP/500-984240d0’

But I don’t listen anything and when stop the music it’s semingly correct:

– Stopped music on hold on SIP/500-984240d0
== Spawn extension (voip-h323, 530, 2) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/500-984240d0’
– Hungup ‘Zap/1-1’

I have tried to configure the directory to the default asterisk samples sor it and to listen radio streaming without results.

Somebody help me?

Thanks a lot, a greeting from Spain

You did not have to install MPG123 since you using Native. Asterisk has its own player.

Also what version of mpg123 are you using?

The version of mpg123 is 0.61.
I installed it because after installing asterisk-addons musiconhold didn’t play, then to try i installed mpg123

asterisk seems to work only with 0.59

you can do

make mpg123 from the asterisk install directory and that does it.

Well i try to make mpg123 but cause problems, I readed becase do not support x64, that is my version of centos.

Any solution?

You dont need MPG123. As some one mentioned above, you can have asterisk do it by its self.

Well, the solution of my problem, was to install centos x86, with centos x64 I can’t play it. Now all is allright. In x64 din’t play with asterisk, then if you trying to install mpg123 0.59 didn’t compile because do not support x64 (I readed it). With 123mpg I had problems with libraries.

Finally I decide to format the system and install Centos x86 and now it’s OK

Thanks for your time.