Problem with music on hold

centos 5.4
chan_ss7 2.2.0

1,X-Lite-SoftPhone2 [SIP]–> Asterisk --> chan_ss7 --> telecom
moh is ok

Telecom -> chan_ss7 --> Asterisk --> X-Lite-SoftPhone2 [SIP]
the caller can’t hear anything and display:
– Called ss7/021114
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SS7/1/5
– Stopped music on hold on SS7/1/5

However, if I use: MusicOnHold(default) in the dial plan, I can hear the
music placed in moh.


I believe chan_ss7 support is provided on the mailing list described at

The application will do the music on hold itself, whereas other cases rely on the channel driver to generate it.

You haven’t indicated what you did that would be expected to produce music on hold.

X-Lite is a loss leader and some functions are not implemented. If you want to do a good test of Asterisk, you should use a hard SIP phone.

In your item (2), you appear to be calling the X-Lite, but the trace clearly shows the opposite. That trace doesn’t show any obvious problems.

I read about it in the console:

-- Recv IAM CIC=1    ANI=0186******1 DNI=2957100 RNI= redirect=no/0 complete=0
-- Executing [2957101@ss7:1] Progress("SS7/1/1", "") in new stack
-- Executing [2957101@ss7:2] Set("SS7/1/1", "CALLERID(rdnis)=2957100") in new stack
-- Executing [2957101@ss7i:3] Dial("SS7/1/1", "ss7/xxxxxxx,60,m(default)") in new stack
-- Sent IAM CIC=30   ANI=0186******1 DNI=0137******1 RNI=2957100
-- Called ss7/0137******1
-- Started music on hold, class 'default', on SS7/1/1
-- Stopped music on hold on SS7/1/1

but why the music on hold started, then quickly stopped?

There is no X-Lite involvement. You definitely need to take this to the mailing list, although first you may want to enable whatever application layer protocol tracing chan_ss7 provides.