Problem with Hangup

Hello I am testing asterisk 1.2.6, and my problem is when i want to hangup from asterisk, the call continue in the phone, i tested with asterisk 1.0.5 with the same configuration and works correct but with the version 1.2 I cant hangup, and i need to use the 1.2 version.

I Believe the problem is in the BYE signaling in the part of Route, i believe is bad armed.

Can you help me?
is there a patch to resolv this problem?

Does anybody have the answer?

Please is urgent

There have been changes in how you do things in the dial plan from then untill now. Can you please post your extensions.conf

This is how I do it

Exten => 1234,1,Answer
Exten => 1234,2,Playback(hello)
Exten => 1234,3,Hnagup

Thanks for your answer, i find that the bye message send in the uri to my sip server with a * in the place of an @, can i resolv this problem?