Problems hanging up from called

Hi folks,

I have been having a problem with Asterisk trying to terminate a call hanging up from the called terminal. The problem is that If I end the call from the SIP phone that made the call, I get the SIP BYE packet in Asterisk and both legs of the call end fine. However, if the called party hangs up, short answer is it doesn’t.

It is quite strange because some days the problem presents and other days it doesn’t. I have been trying to catch the error conditions for 3 weeks, but until now I couldn’t.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Is this a a pure SIP configuration? (Generally, analogue PSTN called parties cannot clear a call.)

Yes, it is only a SIP architecture. I am using Asterisk as PBX and a PJSIP based application.

You will need to provide a SIP trace covering both the call setup and the ignored BYE.