Problem with Caller ID not being set correctly when initiating a call through ARI

I am encountering an issue in an Asterisk ARI application where the Caller ID is not being set correctly when initiating a call. The scenario involves an inbound agent call that triggers the creation of a bridge and two channels, one for the agent (inbound) and the other for the user (outbound through a trunk).

Upon inspecting the SIP headers, the initial channel’s “From” field is set as “sip:ast;tag=8afbf017-e66b-4c93-9b74-079439daad34,” and attempts to use CONNECTEDLINE(all,i) result in a “From: Anonymous” header.

I would appreciate any guidance or insights into resolving this Caller ID discrepancy during the initiation of calls through ARI.

Asterisk Version:
18.20.0 with Feepbx

Are you creating the channel with this function?

Body parameter

  • variables: containers - The “variables” key in the body object holds variable key/value pairs to set on the channel on creation. Other keys in the body object are interpreted as query parameters. Ex. { “endpoint”: “SIP/Alice”, “variables”: { “CALLERID(name)”: “Alice” } }

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