How can I set CALLERID when using DIAL() with ARI?


I’m trying to connect the call to the outside line using asternisk.
I’m currently using astirisk 16.
I succeeded in making a call by referring to bridge-dial.
But all I wanted was a connection before I called outside.
I found out early bridge by searching.
After that, I was able to make a successful call using early bridge.

However, I don’t know how to set up a dialing number.

When using originate, CALLERID was used to set the dialing number.
However, CALLERID cannot be set when using create and dial.

I want a way to set CALLERID or P-Assigned-Identity.
I need help to know which method to set CALLERID or P-Asserted-Identity.

If you use the CONNECTEDLINE dialplan function[1] in variables I believe that may do as you wish. Specifically setting the name and num.


I’m sorry but I didn’t understand.

The variables option takes dialplan functions, you can use that to set CONNECTEDLINE information.

Thank you very much.
Now I know setChannelVar is to set.
I didn’t know the explanation in detail, but I realized it because of you.

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