ARI - How to set the From: field when making a call

I’m using ARI to place a call and want to set the caller id number.

My SIP trunk provider says that I need to set the From field in the SIP invite to the caller id. How can I do that programmatically on the ARI POST /channels/create? The “callerId” field is setting the number in the SIP Inviter Remote Part ID field.

This is how my dial command looks like:


Will I need to pass the number as a variable to the dialplan when passing it to Stasis? What other alternatives do I have?

What’s in your pjsip.conf? I suspect you are overriding the From header there.

Is this the funny provider that uses From for caller ID and remote-party-id for the account code? In that case, they are broken and you will need to look back a couple of months to see if anyone found a work around for them. (The normal expectation is that, if you have both, From is the account code and remote-party-id is the caller ID.

Why are you enabling remote party id, at all?

Here’s the pertinent portion:

type = endpoint
allow= !all,ulaw,alaw
aors = SipTrunkProviderOutbound
from_domain=Our Public IP

So yes! Thanks a lot. That did the trick. Once I removed the from_user field, it worked as expected.

As for the remote-party-id field, we were setting it following SIP Remote Party ID and RPID Privacy for Outbound Calls