Problem with building an IVR

Hello all !

I’m using trixbox V 1.0

i want to setup an IVR for my incoming calls and i can’t find the way to do this !
i’ve got a trunk which links 2 sites (A and B) and i can make calls in the two directions.

i just want that calls from B arrive on the IVR site A.
On the site A, when i simulate an incoming (using 7777) the IVR work well but i didn’t manage to get the same result from the site B :cry:

any ideas ??

:wink: :wink:

I dont know trixbox but it would seem pretty easy. If it is on diffrent server I would just dial the extension that it goes to

Site B:


Exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/7777)

thanks Dovid

The problem isn’t the simulation of incoming calls on the site B … Sorry i wasn’t clear enough :laughing::lol: .
I just want to use my IVR (wich is on the site A) when calls arrive from the site B.
For the site A, I have select my IVR as the destination in my inbound route and it works when I simulate incoming calls. The problem is that i can’t hear my IVR when i make a call from site B.

Thanks again

Create an extension on site A that goes to the IVR

Exten 111,1,Goto(ContextName,s,1)

Then on site be set all the incoming calls to go to extension 111 on site A.