Trix 1.0

I m new bie in voip field.
I am trying to set up trix1.0 for home use.

we are 3 guys r from pakistan.

we buy one DID from pakistan and now we like to setup trix so when people call on that did in pakistan they listen menu e.g

press 1 to call abc
press 2 to call xyz
press 3 to call lmn

i already install vmware and trix 1.0. i also start playing with freepbx web interface. I also created 1 trunk/sip address from gizmo project which is conected with that DID. Also 3 more trunks/sip for each person cell nummber with out call amount in those acount. Now i don’t get any idea how should i setup so when calls come on first sip it will play menu and then user can able to choose any required destination. i just need basic big steps picture and then i will read further in those topics.

Thanks in adv.and have a great day


did you read the sticky at the top of the forum ? i would recommend you look at

basically you’ll create the IVR menus via the wizard, then “point” your DID/DDI to the IVR using the DID module in FreePBX.

to be quite frank you’re asking questions about TrixBox and FreePBX, not about Asterisk. if you want help with an Asterisk IVR then post what you already have in place. creating IVRs in Asterisk is easy.