Problem with asterisk and Eutelia VoIP Service Provider

helo everyone,
I’ve a problem with my asterisk and the Eutelia VoIP Service Provider.
Today I’ve tried to reinstall all stuff on my server included asterisk (ver. with the other applications like libpri, dahdi and asterisk-gui 2.0.4. I’ve configured it using the backup’s old files previously saved, but when, from cli, run the command
sip reload

I receive this error

doing dnsmgr_lookup for '
ast_get_srv: SRV lookup for ‘’ mapped to host, port 5060

Eutelia is mine VoIP Service Provider. I’ve also try to change the line

register =>

in sip.conf but nothing, I’m sure that the configuration of all files is the right. The thing strange is that I don’t have problem when I call the external number or receive the calls from external.
Maybe I’ve to reinstall the release 1.6???
Is there someone that can help me? Thanks in advance

This is not an error message, it’s just an informative message which just tells you some details about the actions done.


Marco Bruni

I thank for your answer.
so that’s not a system’s error of Asterisk, but it’s normal?.
I mean, it’s strange because using the release 1.6 I haven’t ever receive this type of message.
and them why every 1 min see this one…maybe it’s a way to inform us that the situation is fine!!!
anyway thank y