Problem with applicationmap

I want to make an featurecode in applicationmap which say a phonenumber, but the main problem is I want agent to press the numbers and the customer to hear it
does anyone know if I could use dial patterns in applicationmap or is there a solution for this situation?

thanks in advance

From features.conf file created by the installation, about applicationmap, Asterisk 1.4:

So the answer to your question should be yes, the applicationmap could solve your problem (never tried).


Marco Bruni

I’d like to know how to use a dial pattern in application map (if it’s possible)
or can both of them listen to my agi file but only caller press keys, or even both of them listen and both of them press keys

let me explain more
asterisk only let caller to press a feature code and run an application for callee (or itself) but then caller has no control on agi inputs