Asterisk: applicationmap in features.conf

A simple question :smile:, I need the application start when CALLEE type a DTMF sequence, for example:

prova8 => 8,callee,Playback,tt-monkeys

but it doesn’t work. I have try:

prova1 => 1,self/both,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova2 => 2,self/callee,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova3 => 3,self/caller,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova4 => 4,peer/both,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova5 => 5,peer/callee,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova6 => 6,peer/caller,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova7 => 7,caller,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova8 => 8,callee,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova9 => 9,self,Playback,tt-monkeys
prova0 => 0,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys

but it works only the sequence Typed from the caller
please please heeeeeeeeeelp me