Problem registering on asterisk SIP server

hi, i am running AsteriskWin32-0.66b-Setup on windows xp (its firewall is off) on internal local network where all VOIP phones have ip 10.0.0.x while SIP server has
VOIP service works well .
I tried to install a soft phone (3cx) on a PC with IP .
This PC is connected to a netgear router via wifi .
That netgear is connected to a port of extreme switch ( .
Another port of that extreme switch is connected to asterisk SIP server ( .
Now the issue is - PC can ping . But unable to register on SIP server .
I can provide more details if you require .

you certainly seem to enjoy old versions… xp, AsteriskWin32-0.66b…

asterisk for windows has been dead for years and is no longer supported - I’m afraid you wont get much help on this 8 years old version !

You have to set up asterisk to send his externip to the sip clients and not his local ip.
Doing this in such an old version might be hard.
Just download a Centos minimum install it in a VMware and use the latest stable from the Asterisk site.
If you are afraid clean asterisk, just use a distro to set it up under an hour.
Elastix, FreePBX or PIAF would do the job.