Problem on hang up

I have a problen with asterisk, when I make a call from asterisk’s extension to mobile number, if hangup mobile without answer, asterisk still calling and I dont why.

What do you mean by “hangup without answer”?

Please provide relevant details like:

  1. OS flavor and version
  2. Asterisk version
  3. The relevant dialplan section using ‘dialplan show x’
  4. A text capture of the console log (with ‘verbose’ and ‘debug’ set greater than 2) showing a call that demonstrates the issue.

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I mean when you call throught a trunk to a mobile phone if it no answer the call, just hangup, asterisk still calling

Please provide the information requested.

If this is a trunk formed of analogue lines, how have you set up disconnect supervision, and does the telephone operator support that method. (Normally questions that fail to supply channel technology information are using chan_sip or chan_pjsip, but one cannot rule out analogue.)

I use chan_pjsip, and that problems happend only if you hangup and not answer the call. Asterisk keep alive the channel. Asterisk not recive the signal to destroy it.

You still haven’t provided the information requested, but here are some more questions:

Do incoming calls work?

Is the Contact address in the INVITE the correct public address?

Do you have NAT?

If so is port forwarding set up for the Contact address and port?

Do you have any firewall enabled?

Is that enabled for the the the relevant address and port?

What SIP activity occurs when you force a hangup of the channel?

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