Problem installing use phpagi-2.14 included

Hi All

I am trying to install use phpagi-2.14 included and I am all lost as this is my first time that I install it, howevr I have downloaded the .tgz file (phpagi-2.14.tgz) and have unzipped it in the /tmp directory and I then cd to the phpagi-2.14 directory but when I try to install it it gives this error:

[root@localhost phpagi-2.14]# ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

and I have checked that make is installed and is working fine with other installations.

Could you please let me know if there is a different way of installing it.

Thank you.

The correct forum for phpagi is … rum/366892.

However, you should not be running unzip on it; you should be running tar, either together with gunzip, or with the option that does a gunzip.

Also, I don’t understand the significance of the “included” suffix.

Hi david55

Thank you for your help.

sorry when I said unzip I mean tar like this: tar -zxvf phpagi-2.14.tgz

and I am posting it here with the hope that somebody here has been through this when installing asterisk or a2billing because:

      [b]PHPAGI is a PHP class for the Asterisk Gateway Interface[/b]

Thank you.