PHPAGI errors

Hi every body,

I tried to use PHPAGI in order to use php script interacting with my Asterisk 1.4.41. In addition, I copied phpagi.php, phpagi-asmanager.php, phpagi-fastagi.php et mkdocs.php in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin.
I wanted to try some examples on the internet but I had some troubles, Here are Asterisk errors:
error[22764]:utils.c :968 ast_carefulwrite : write() returned error : Broken pipe (this message is shown many times)
AGI script test.php completed, returning 0
Auto fallthrough channel ‘SIP/*****’ status is ‘UNKNOWN’

Can anyone help me?


Different permissions? Asterisk runs as root?

The script closed its standard input prematurely, and possibly failed even to start.

Thanks for your replies.
Yes Asterisk is run as root, I wonder if there is something missing?
am here for any information that may help you to understand what is the matter.
Thanks a lot

Have a nice day :smile:

Try running the script outside of Asterisk. That will pick up obvious missing components and syntax errors, but not incorrect PATHs or run time checked syntax.

That is exactly what I did and it works fine :smile: . But there is a thing that I am not so sure, in my script, I add extensions dynamically, and I have a message on asterisk CLI that extensions are added sucessfully, when I execute dialplan show I found them too, but not in extensions.conf, are they stocked some where?
Thanks a lot for you time.