PHPAGI problem


I wish to try using PHPAGI class
I am using CentOS 5.3 and the latest version of Asterisk. ( Just downloaded from the website )

In order to make theses tests, I downloaded the PHPAGI from Sourceforge ( phpagi-2.14.tgz )
Dowloaded the examples…
I’ve copied the phpagi.conf -> /etc/asterisk
I also downloaded: phpagi-examples-2.14.tgz

Start the first example : dtmf.php
ensure that the dtmf.php is 777 and +x located in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin

Into my dialplan
exten => 777,1,AGI(dtmf.php)

When I dialed the number : 777 -> I;ve got an error, saying that it cannot open the dtmf.php file.
When i read the path, that seems to be correct.

  • Did I miss something ?
  • Is there someting I shouldn’t do ??

Thanks for your help

when I dialed

This should help you: .


Marco Bruni