Problem in Scheduling Calls (Call Files)

I am developing a predictive dialer in Asterisk by using call files.

But I have a problem. For example:

I set a call to be made/initiated right now and I also set another call 20 seconds later. My problem is that there is a time that instead of making the second call 20 sec later, it makes that second call right now. So because of that, 2 calls are being initiated at the same time, which should not be the case.

The problem here is

What is the solution to this? The second call should be made 20 seconds later. I also checked my algo, and I am using touch and mv - there is nothing wrong in those.

Please help me on this. Thanks a lot. may already have what you are trying to do. Right now, the predictive dialer works with sip trunks but Solo is working on getting it working with fxo ports.

If U want set another call after 20 seconds U can use the linux\unix command “touch” on call file. I tried this and it works fine.

More info: … o-dial+out