Problem comiling Asterisk 10.0.0-rc2

Hi :smiley:

I`m compiling Asterisk v. 10.0.0-rc2

and when i run: make it returns an error:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target ‘…/main/’ , needed by ‘asterisk’. Stop

Do someone know how to resolve this?

Either you need to install gcc or the kernel-source-devel - see … 45788.html

I still have that issue, and think I know what the problem is:

Once you enable to embed all modules, the system puts this line into the makeopts.embed_rules

which is wrong, cause there are no modules to load in this directory, so the system doesn’t create that file, which causes an error.

What I do, is once asterisk is build to the end, then delete this line out of the file, type in make, and everything works fine.
It’s more of a scripting than a code issue, but I would be happy if someone could fix that in asterisk 10.


smartbyte: You need to report this on

crash0: If you fail to build a release candidate, but don’t know whether the problem is yours, you should fallback to a release version.