Prevent backlight dimming

Is there a chance to stop backlight dimming when the app is shown?
I display a genericMenu when a call arrives in a pickup group and it would be nice when the phone doesn’t remain dark…
I searched through the whole api-reference but didn’t got a clue…

Yes, digium.resetIdleTimer() will also prevent the backlight from diming if you call it faster than whatever the user has configured the backlight dimmer timeout.

It does not appear that the app can get the actual value of the timeout, so you might need to set it to something reasonably fast.

For example, the following in your app will keep the app in the foreground and the backlight on as long as the timeout is set for something over 2.5 seconds.

var timer = setInterval(function() { digium.resetIdleTimer(); }, 2500);

Thank you again!
Although it’s just a workaround but it works :wink: