Phone exits to background when picked up in foreground

The problem I am having is that when my application is running and is in the foreground, I pick up the phone and it flashes to background and back to foreground because I wrote some code to keep it in foreground.

However, that flashing of the background is annoying when just picking up the phone to call through my application, is there any way to avoid this?


There’s no good way to avoid it.

What’s your app trying to do that involves the user picking up the handset?

Well when the app is running, I have a menu of possible connections I can make, for simplicity sake it is a list of extensions and then when one of them is hit, it will call that extension but stay inside the app because I also want to show a custom screen of the status, and what the status is of the other channels (extensions).

So I sort of want to have total control of the phone with my application, but the phone keeps butting in with its default controls of course =/