Need App to Stay on Screen Even when on a call

I have a small app that displays the address and company logo on the screen that I need to stay on the screen at all times even when on a call. Is this possible? It is required by our Environmental, Health, and Safety manager because we have multiple buildings that are all trunked through a main building and when someone calls 911 the address that shows up is for the main building not the building the person is calling from. We have over 350 employees scattered across multiple buildings and unfortunately not all of them know the address of the building they are in and they move around a lot. If we cannot do this we will have to put ugly stickers on each phone so the person calling 911 can give the dispatcher the correct address. I am at best an entry level javascript programmer so I need as much help as possible. If it cannot stay on the screen at all times could we have a button to push while on a call that will display the address?

Thanks in advance for any help provided


Have you tried just putting your app in the foreground if someone else backgrounds it?

Or, you could bind one of the line keys to your app and use that to bring it forward.


See - … pplication


Thank you for your responses and I am just getting back to this as other things came up that took priority. How would I code it to stay or comeback to the foreground if something else backgrounds it?


To have an app bring itself to the foreground when backgrounded, you can install a handler for the that decides whether or not to call digium.foreground() to bring itself back to the foreground.

For example, In the callerid sample on lines 73-87 an event handler is installed that runs when the application is backgrounded. You could decide if you should be left in the foreground, and if so, call digium.foreground() in the handler.

You can see the digium.foreground() call used in the callerid example on lines 263-268. It brings itself to the foreground when a new call is initiated.

Ok I believe I need someone to make this app for me. I would be willing to pay if the price is reasonable. Can anyone here do this and if so be willing to? If not does anyone here recommend anyone? Thanks in advance.