Pressing * to access your own VM without add'l prompts?

I know how to configure a dialplan to bypass the extension and password prompts when checking VM, but (using SIP phones) is there a way to pass the extension the person is calling from into the dialplan? I would like users to be able to login to any SIP phone, press *, and be forwarded directly to their VM box without additional prompts. Thank you.

I just did that… but you can’t do it that way because the /xxxxx doesnt seem to match right coming from SIP.

What I did was made a vocemail extension (65525) that is ONLY accessable from the sip phones… (sip-users context)


exten => 65525,1,VoiceMailMain(s655${CALLERIDNUM:8})

include => internal-only
include => international

My sip entries have callerid of 650xxxxxXX … where the last two coincide with the 655XX of my extensions… 65525 (or the 650 equiv) is the normal VMAIL number, but since its only accessable to SIP users, it can be anything… 111, even “voicemail” (set the messages uri)

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Thanks, but the problem I’m having is translating a SIP username into it’s matching extension.

“voicemail.conf” may look like this:
201 => 1234, John Smith,

and “sip.conf”:

Using the ${CALLERIDNUM} variable only seems to get me the user’s SIP id, not his exension. So I can’t use that value for the VoiceMailMain() application. Am I overlooking something?

Yes, you have to set their CID number in sip.conf and then you can use that in your voicemail exten=> statement.

Put something like this in the sip.conf stanza for each phone:

callerid= <1234>

I think the space between the = and the < is important, as the format for the callerid statement is CID name followed by CID number. (It’s a while since i did that config and i can’t remember the process that got me there! :wink: )

Something like this should get you there

exten => *,1,VoicemailMain(s${CALLERIDNUM}@default)

Ah, cool… Thanks to both of you for your help! :smile: