How to setup Cisco SIP phone to auto-dial voicemail

Not sure if it’s proper place to ask, but here it goes. I have Comedian mail setup at *98 extension.

So, now voicemail button on phone works excellent. But, I’d like to auto-enter mailbox number and password if possible too. Anyway this can be done?

I guess in Cisco I can enters “*98_pause_#_pause_pwd”, right?

Anybody can help with details?

Have it call a single number. Either parse the mail box out of that number or derive it from the identity of the caller. Use the s option on voicemailmain to suppress the password check and include the password in the extension number.

Note there is nothing special about *98. If you are using software that requires you to use *98, you should ask of the people that maintain that software.

I think I understand what you mean except for the “include password in extension number”. If I suppress password check, why do I need to include it?

It’s me. I setup voicemail by the book (Asterisk, definite quide) and they used it at example. I did use same *98 in Cisco phone setup and it worked, it’s not really a problem. But I guess now I need to create special number that starts with 000 for example and be like 6 digits. So, 000 will mean it’s voicemail, other 3 chars will be parsed to be used as voicemail user.

At this point system does not need to be secured much, I want easiest use if possible.

I assumed you had a password for security.

No, just because I followed book. I can just skip password somehow?

That’s what s does.