POTS connection

I have just setup Asterisk on a fresh install of FreeBSD 5.4. First time through i installed Asterisk and Zaptel drivers through the ports system. Things worked well and i could make and receive calls through my POTS line without issue, although i could not get the FXS line to work. Read that the Zaptel drivers in the ports were old, so I decided to uninstall Asterisk and Zaptel and do a complete reinstall by compiling them myself. I downloaded the latest Zaptel drivers from the Voip-info website, compiled and installed. The installed the 1.2.0 Beta 1 asterisk software. Now the FXS and FXO modules are correctly load and identified, and i can receive calls on the FXO connected to the POTS line. I cannot make calls from Asterisk to the POTS line and when the POTS line rings, phones not connected to Asterisk ring once and go dead. Not sure of this is a driver issue or a configuration issue. Anyone have any ideas on this? If you need more info from me, please let me know. Thank you!

Chris Gotstein

If you could post the outbound from a verbose CLI or log details from the /var/log/asterisk files that show what is happening when you make the calls it would faciliate assessing the issue.

On the console, i get these messages i’m guessing from the Zaptel software:

Oct 18 09:09:10 www kernel: DIAL: T285791
Oct 18 09:09:11 www kernel: DIAL: ww6w

For Asterisk:

Executing Dial (“SIP/5502-533d”, “Zap/4/2857916”) in new stack
Called 4/2857916
Zap/4-1 answered SIP/5502-533d
Hungup ‘Zap/4-1’

One the phone, i get the message that this call cannot be completed at this time.

Also, when ever an incoming call comes in, i see these messages on the console:

Oct 17 19:12:27 www kernel: Polarity reversed (-1 -> 1)
Oct 17 19:12:28 www kernel: Polarity reversed (1 -> -1)

Hope that sheds some light.