PostgreSQL Realtime + SIP users: auth name mismatch


I’m trying to set up an Asterisk server on a Debian Etch. I’m using the 1.2 version (from apt). I use Realtime with PostgreSQL and my extensions work, so do CDR. I recently added SIP users to the dabase, but I get an error telling me about auth name mismatch etc.
However, when I type realtime load sipusers id 105, it displays the right user. I filled the columns name, username, accountcode with the value ‘105’, but X-Lite returns a 404 error.
The SIP authentification worked when I was using the sip.conf file.
Can I use both the sip.conf file and the database? Is there something like switch => Realtime@/ equivalent for SIP? Have I forgotten something?

Thanks a lot.